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Richard H Priday's Revelation Chapter 8 comment on 8/27/2022, 5:36pm...

Revelation 7.

We need to consider the conditions that will be in effect; therefore once this mark is finally enforced compared to today. There are many that will decry injustices of the rich and proud of the earth; and in the right spirit; rightly so as we see warnings in the book of James for those who hoard gold and silver as well as cheat others in the last days. Many of these who speak out against society hardly work a day of their lives and live in ivory towers; giving a portion of excess wealth much as the Pharisees to look good. Some don't; my point is that those privileged in America; for example will find things far different as much of the developed world right after the Rapture; which comes on a day we don't expect like the days of Noah or Sodom and Gomorrah. After that event there will be mass starvation and as my earlier posts stated war; famine and pestilence. My point here is that those who think that the earth in that compromised a state will offer any utopia compared to the promises the Antichrist will offer in the first seal timeframe will not be a very convincing message for taking the mark to avoid starvation. It appears more of a "red herring" to offer the little that remains to the wicked; to the righteous at that point they will either be in hiding protected by God or quickly martyred and disposed of by the Antichrist beast system. At that point too; Satan will have used the 10 nation allies to burn the woman with fire (Rev. 17:16). That woman will be the false Babylon "whore" world religion.

Satan demands and desires worship only for himself; the world will be so enamored with his apparent resurrection that they will all believe the Lie (2 Thess. 2:11). This will be the point where men will stop fearing God and hiding from him; and outright blaspheme (curse) His name as their leader will do. Therefore; it is worship of his image that causes them to take the mark; which could be an injection of DNA from the beast to be immortal


Richard H Priday's Revelation Chapter 8 comment on 8/27/2022, 5:21pm...

Revelation 7 commentary.

Once again here; we see incense of the prayers of the saints going up (verse 3) before judgment of God commences--in this case the trumpet judgments; and the first the seals.

This indicates either after the spirits of those martyred (great multitude) or translated (2 Prophets/144,000) in the previous chapter that were praying and/or those already in heaven (us). This fascinating insight reveals that even though God's judgments were predetermined proportionate to sins committed; in time and space when the offenses reach a pinnacle they are sort of triggered by prayers of the saints. This interaction shows how even now with Christ as high Priest ever interceding for the saints (Heb. 4:14-16) that there is always an interplay between Him and His Body; the church and all saints. I should also note the silence in heaven after the seventh seal with no apparent judgment but intersection into the next series of judgments is a sort of ceremonial procession preceding the main event where there is perhaps a brief event honoring the multitude that just arrived in heaven who "no man can number" (Rev. 7:9).

The rest of the chapter from verse 7 onward describes the first four trumpets. We see the repeated pattern of a "third" of things being destroyed which certainly can be a not so veiled message to the third of the angels that fell and are about to be cast down to earth from heaven after these events. That; and those demons released from UNDER the earth (likely offspring from Nephilim and/or other fallen beings that were given special early imprisonment under the earth for extra sins) will all show how things will get even worse as the angel warns in verse 13.

It would appear that until the 5th trumpet; the 2 prophets hold back things. Once the beast comes out of the pit and enters Antichrist; many will have already died.


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