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Darrin Murray's Revelation Chapter 8 comment on 2/08/2022, 12:10am...

Everyone will think I'm nuts, but anyways

Trump was a man child that ruled with "a rod of iron" for 4 years. He was elected by those who believe in lady liberty " a woman dressed as the sun". Elected by the only country to set foot on the moon.

He was immediately attacked by the CCP controlled media and internet ( where you can blasphemy God in every language and tongue).

The red dragon then went after the remnant of her seed ( which it appears is starting in Canada).

This IS Revelation 12, whether you wish to face it or not.

The first beast is internet social media, propaganda, mainstream media.....("the dragon gave it power" as you can see in chapter 13).

I believe the two headed beast that follows is Putin and Xi.


Earl Bowman's Revelation Chapter 8 comment on 7/24/2021, 6:22am...

Jon, trumpets don't keep time, they are the voice of God.

Revelation 1:10 I was in the Spirit on the Lord's day, and heard behind me a great VOICE, as of a TRUMPET.

Revelation 4:1 .... an the first VOICE I heard was as if it were a TRUMPET talking with me ....


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