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BSP's Isaiah Chapter 48 comment on 8/25/2022, 11:50am...

Verse 22-Those who set their own standards of right and wrong and do wicked things will not enjoy true peace.


Richard H Priday's Isaiah Chapter 48 comment on 2/16/2022, 3:13pm...

The obstinance of those of the "house of Jacob" known as Israel is much as the Pharisees in the New Testament; they were deaf to His Truth; and obstinate (v. 4) Idol worship is implied in this section as well (v. 5) which never helps in any understanding of the truth. God; as always keeps from total destruction and will refine His people for His own sake (v. 9-11). This was the case in Isaiah's time with the nation of Babylon and certainly will be the case in the time of Jacob's trouble in the Tribulation in the future (Jeremiah 30:7).

God's role in Creation is in the following two verses; and verses 14 to 15 reiterate the theme also from Jeremiah that God was using other nations to judge Israel and indeed shows favor so that their invasion is ensured to succeed in His timing. Then verse 16 talks about God and states "and now the Lord God; and His Spirit hath sent me." This shows the whole Godhead; with Christ being the one sent. Verse 17 shows God leading Israel; even when they are in exile He still is there and they are to return back after 70 years. Verse 18 reminds us of Christ when He said that as little birds He would have led them but they refused; they didn't know the day of their visitation. The multiplying of the nation according to verse 19 would have been quicker had they remained obedient. God promises provision in their diaspora (verse 20-21); which could also refer to the time He protects them in the wilderness in Revelation for 1260 days. Finally; the last verse indicates that there is no peace for the wicked; which is repeated in Isaiah 57:21; and similar themes in Psalms and elsewhere.


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