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Andrew Kingsly Raj's Amos Chapter 7 comment on 6/08/2020, 2:22am...

Obey Your Calling

In this chapter we see the visions of judgement the Lord gave Amos. What catches my eye is how Amos obeyed God's call to prophesy unto the people of Israel even though he did not have the education or training to accomplish the task, he simply obeyed the Lord. In making application we see a call to obedience. By Faith we are do what the Lord instructs us in His Power through the Holy Spirit. How about you? Do you allow your feeling of inadequacy keep you from obeying the Lord? Let us learn from our text today and life of Amos who followed the Lord even when he felt inadequate simply because he followed his calling by simple obedience.


Wanda G's Amos Chapter 7 comment on 6/03/2020, 5:25pm...

God's word has never changed, no matter the time period.


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