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Chris's Nehemiah Chapter 1 comment on 10/07/2020, 5:07am...

As you have probably read 2 Peter chapter 2 from verse 1, Peter here is speaking against these false teachers (like the false prophets of old) that will bring into the Church heresies & false doctrines.

You would have read Peter's vivid description of these false teachers, as those that sat & fellow-shipped in the Church & seemingly did all the right things, but wickedness was brewing in their minds to twist Scripture & lead believers into sin. We're not given specific examples of what they did or taught but in verse 20, we read that even after knowing about Jesus & all that the Cross accomplished for them, they still remained unregenerate & vile people. And their evil was so great that it would have been better for them not to have known the Truth than to reject & twist it in such a manner. Peter is probably emphasizing that there is more hope for a sinner to first hear & accept the Gospel message of Jesus, than for these false Christians/teachers to ever find place of repentance in the future (verses 20, 21).


Larry Rumfelt's Nehemiah Chapter 1 comment on 10/06/2020, 6:53pm...

Explained 2nd Peter 2 20.


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