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Chris's Nehemiah Chapter 1 comment on 12/14/2020, 3:02pm...

Indeed. Though some of the wording in the KJV are either not in common use or might suggest another meaning, one should endeavour to understand the meaning intended by the writer from that period of time. Or, if the task is too forbidding, then using an 'easier to read' version may be warranted.

The word 'terrible', as also the word 'terrific', both have a strong connotation to 'something causing or inspiring terror'. Yet today, we would hardly think of using those words in that way, rather thinking of 'terrible' as 'something really bad' & 'terrific' as 'something extraordinarily good or exciting'.

But when we think of 'terrible' in association with Almighty God, there should always be in our hearts & minds, that this God of Love, Mercy & Understanding, is still a God to be feared & righteous in all His Judgements, which means a horrible punishment & eternity to those who sin & spurn His offer of Love. Today, we often fail to teach the full Character of God, giving us the false impression that to major on those aspects of His Character that bring us comfort, joy & hope, is preferable than referring to the other. I think both 'terrible' & 'awesome' are apt words to describe God Who should leave us in both awe of His Greatness & guarded in our behaviour before Him.


David Lindstrom's Nehemiah Chapter 1 comment on 12/14/2020, 11:17am...

In Nehemiah 1:5 why do they use the word Terrible in King James. I was taught this is the most accurate translation. But it seems unless your a Scholar most Christians would miss the correct translation is awesome.


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