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Pule Radase's Psalms Chapter 133 comment about verse 1 on 3/24/2023, 4:17am...

I think it's a verse of shared goals, shared vision, shared race and shared responsibility. Let's take Jesus Christ and the 12 disciples before Christ came to them they were not only scattered like sheep's but more over each one had his/her own views about the world God and creation, till they met the son of man whom vision and goal is to make known what is new of God and over throw the hypocrisy inside the house of God, already his spirit is one with God but to carry out the vision, the message and the new kingdom he rose the twelve to enlighten many to come after him.

In Unity Paul and Timothy could preach the same Christ who doesn't manifest in the same form to both


Ogundoye Solomon's Psalms Chapter 133 comment on 11/16/2022, 10:32pm...

Your Comment... The power of unity still remain the same,being unity with honest is good.


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