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Thedorse's Genesis Chapter 40 comment on 1/24/2023, 3:56pm...

Potiphar Believed Joseph. The Bible doesn't Tell Us this. But for a Slave to Sexually Assault a Free Woman, Especially a Woman of this Standing. It would have Resulted in a Death Sentence. Just the Accusation Alone would have been enough to Execute Joseph Immediately. But Joseph's Character is so Godly and He Carries so Much Favor with God. The Bible doesn't let Us in on every Little Detail, but Obviously Potiphar's Wife has a Habit of Seduction. Potiphar has Enough Pull in His Position to Spare Joseph's Life. We get Caught Up sometimes in Our Surroundings, We Forget to Walk by Faith and not by SIGHT. We can't See that God is Standing Right Over Us.

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Mikey Out. Oooooh Yeah!!!


Earl Bowman's Genesis Chapter 40 comment on 12/06/2021, 2:13pm...

Amen Sister, GiGi


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