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Marilyn T's Hebrews Chapter 5 comment on 8/22/2020, 7:46pm...

Glad that this chapter explained the difference between a "babe and a mature Christian." Often when one becomes a New

Christian, some believe that they should know everything about God at once. Some want them to stop doing, going or wearing

what they did prior to accepting Christ. It can be a gradual step just like a Baby. They should not be abused or casted down

because they do not immediately act as Mature Christians. Just as it takes a Baby time to develop , so does it take time for

Baby Christian. There hearts will be convicted as they walk with God. Be careful how you speak to them. They will learn by

your good example of being a Mature Christian.


Stephende's Hebrews Chapter 5 comment on 7/30/2020, 6:40am...

Remember in the desert how El Shaddai took Moses aside and told him, when the Priest following Korah were immolated and others swallowed whole into Sheol, that He would decimate these rebels and make a people of Moses. And God was willing to destroy them with a plague. Moses interceded and stayed El Shaddai. He would talk to the people and bring them in line. Today a plague, which have no doubt comes from God and threatens to destroy en masse. This is from El Shaddai for our iniquities!!! Righteousness have devolved into partisan bickering. The Truth is elusive and facts are contorted to fit our leader's agenda!!. Evangelicals are largely responsible in that they were willing to compromise their values in order to facilitate their anti choice agenda, their anti personal freedom agenda. So they made a deal with Satan, that got their inarguably evil leader in place. So, this is what we have. Historically bad leadership on an historically bad plague. We as American's are laughing stock, while evangelicals pray to a Jesus that wouldn't return to earth from the sky with heralding angels to save anyone from this pandemic!


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