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Chris's Numbers Chapter 18 comment on 12/05/2020, 5:55pm...

In the usual meaning in English, 'heave' means to 'lift by effort or force, or, to throw in a similar way'.

In Numbers 18:11, Exodus 29:27, etc., the "Heave Offering", or Terumah (Hebrew), was simply an offering that was made by the Israelites as a present. However, some Rabbis note that in its presentation, the offering was 'heaved' or raised up, or in an up & down motion.

This was distinguished from a 'wave offering', as you may have read of this also. In this offering, the offering was waved (i.e. in a repeated horizontal motion) before being presented.


Norie collins's Numbers Chapter 18 comment on 12/05/2020, 4:55am...

What is the meaning of heave?


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