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Hogan's Genesis Chapter 20 comment on 6/20/2020, 11:56am...

Very good and true points. "The Bible gives the history of people, which includes the good and bad of what they did. People did much evil then just like people do much evil today " That's why we all need Christ.


Chris's Genesis Chapter 20 comment on 6/04/2020, 9:23pm...

Jack, as you know, in Psalm 111:9, the word 'Reverend' is given as a descriptive word for God. The word is taken from the verb, to revere. And used in its purest sense, that word can only be a applied to a deity, as some pantheists apply it to worshipping their god & of course, as Christians, to worshipping our God. Some also take umbrage to the word 'awesome' as it is used so liberally these days. As they say, that the word is to be applied to God only, as His people can only view Him in awe & wonder to His Holiness & Glory & not to be used to described another person or object.

So when we read of Reverend So & So, it is sadly a title given to one who has qualified through biblical studies or in such a position in the Church that demands such a title. It is not used in the NT Church & yet the use of the word 'bishop' in Phil 1:1, 1 Tim 3:1, Tit 1:7, etc., is simply the English form of the Greek, Episkapos, commonly used generally for an elder, pastor or overseer of the Church. However, it has now become more of a high-ranking Church official who governs a large number of Churches.


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