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Richard H Priday's Psalms Chapter 76 comment on 1/13/2023, 7:23pm...

Psalm 76. Here we are reminded of God's victory over His enemies and His purpose to save the "meek of the earth" (v. 9). Jesus Himself stated that "the meek shall inherit the earth." (Matt. 5:5). This would no doubt include the saints who were raptured and the souls of those martyred in the Tribulation as well as the few that survive in hiding.

Verses 1 and 2 indicate God being known in Israel. This and it being ..." dwelling place" show a future implication here once they realize who their Messiah is and He returns to rule from Jerusalem in the Millennium.

Verses 3 through 6 remind us of the Exodus with the weapons and animals of warfare mentioned; and the sinking in the Red Sea putting "chariot and horse..." into a "..dead sleep."

When we continue on to verses 7 through 12 seem to indicate a world wide end times fulfillment. We see the "earth" fearing and still and once again verse 9 shows saving the meek; but we notice it says ALL the meek of the earth.

Verse 10 reminds us of verses such as Isaiah 49:23; as well as Isaiah 24:22 where we see a restraint followed eventually by final judgment. Verse 11 reminds us of the verse in Zechariah 14:8. There are certain foolish vows that are not to be taken but God expects men to do this as part of worship so in that case serving God is important (see Jonah 1:16).

The last verse sort of reinforces the idea of God ruling with an iron rod and the earlier theme of verse 10 (Rev. 19:15; Psalm 2:7-9).


Chris's Psalms Chapter 76 comment on 10/03/2020, 11:13pm...

A great commentary for these uncertain times. As wickedness becomes more rampant & the hearts of folk growing weak & fearful for the future, getting on our knees & weeping for our nations & those overcome, is the only resort we have. God sees what we don't see - He understands even when we are perplexed & in sorrow. Maybe He wants to see how much we really care for our countries & for one another in times such as these. Opportunities abound.

And, welcome back Patty.


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