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Richard H Priday's Numbers Chapter 7 comment about verse 67 on 4/03/2023, 6:49am...

That theme on praising the Messiah then one week later crucifying Him certainly cannot be ignored or understated. I find it interesting the parallel between seven days for that to come to fruition and the seven years in the Tribulation. In particular; there is a similar pattern with everyone on earth under the earth etc to praise God apparently after the Rapture when we stand at the throne and the subsequent attempt once more to kill Christ at Armageddon. In the interim, the world turns to running away from God and fearing Him in the 6th Seal. Antichrist of course is the man with the power to deceive; as God Himself will cause their delusions (I'm sure you know the verses).

This seems to clarify in my mind how there will be no "secret" rapture; the Resurrection will open many graves worldwide so the simultaneous event cannot be explained away. To believe "THE LIE"; of course aliens or some other invention will be used to justify the erroneous conclusion as to why many confessors of Christ remain afterward; and everyone else as well. We also have parallels with the 3 1/2 years of ministry of the 2 Prophets followed by Martyrdom and Resurrection 3 days later; as well as the False Prophet imitating things much as the Egyptian magicians did with Pharoah.

Many no doubt will think Antichrist is Christ; in whatever imaginations religion has given to those of all persuasions sans the true Gospel. I tend to think that Psalm 40 and later sections of Romans indicate the Rapture will help promote jealousy; and/or be the trigger mechanism for Israel to go through the process of purging and the 1/3 of the Nation to go through the fire and come out finally believing in the true Messiah as later chapters of Zechariah indicate.

I appreciate your continued faithfulness with your detailed analyses. The Lord has blessed me with a nursing home ministry; I started Genesis 1 Sunday; and will see how far i progross.

Agape; Rich P


GiGi's Numbers Chapter 7 comment about verse 67 on 4/02/2023, 6:38pm...

Numbers Chapter 7

This chapter tells of the dedication of the tabernacle. Each prince/leading elder of each tribe brought their offerings to the tabernacle to Moses and Aaron. There were six wagons, each drawn by an oxen. There were two princes per wagon. These were given to the Levites. Every prince brought the same utensils, animals and meal for each of the proscribed offerings/sacrifices listed in Leviticus 1-6. No one gave more or less than the other. Therefore all of the tribes shared equally in the offerings to YHWH.

The gifts for the offerings were staggered over twelve days with one tribe per day bringing their offering. Everything was done in orderly fashion. This is how we should approach God in worship, in an orderly, reverent way.

The last verses are most touching. Moses approached the tabernacle and he heard a voice come from between the cherubim on the mercy seat of the ark of the covenant. YHWH was having the last word. We, too, must tarry in the sanctuary a bit in worship to catch God's response to us.

Moses was familiar with the voice of YHWH. Let us pray to have such familiarity with the speaking of the Holy Spirit to us through His word and to our hearts. Jesus is the good shepherd and His sheep hear His voice. Listen for Him. His sheep will not follow another shepherd. Follow only what His Word says. (John Chapter 10) God wants to interact with us. We do not have a dry, lifeless relationship with God. It is full of life and truth and comfort and grace and mercy. It is full of assurance and hope and faith and confidence. it is full of joy, satisfaction, and gratitude. It is full of forgiveness, righteousness imputed, and provision. How wonderful is the richness of God's design for our relationship with Him.

Today is Palm Sunday. He road into Jerusalem knowing it will be His last time being there; knowing that, although the people that day hailed Him as the Messiah King, In a few more days they will cry out, "Crucify Him", rejecting Him.


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