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My words mean no harm's Psalms Chapter 31 comment on 11/08/2020, 5:26am...

For Brianna; Unfortunately there are many different Gods and Idols that people worship. I wear a "wooden cross" around my neck, not for worshipping, but to show that I only worship the true GOD and that is our GOD of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, etc..


Mild Bill's Psalms Chapter 31 comment on 7/31/2020, 5:21am...

What is hidden/secret to unbelievers is God's presence,where believers see the face of God and are strengthened.

Weakened by our recognized infirmities, only in the mercy and grace of God do we have any hope/expectation.

The pride of man produces the strife of tongues,grievousness and contempt of godliness. Believers are never

truly "cut off" from God, whereas,sons of men are imprisoned for eternity, and the torment there is knowing God

has forever forsaken them, left to burning in their unfulfilled lusts.

Trust God himself has done the work of salvation for you,and not your own self/works.Accept his graciousness.


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