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Richard H Priday's Psalms Chapter 31 comment on 10/24/2022, 5:48am...

Psalm 31 along with Psalm 32 discusses David's physical condition (as stated in verse 10 here) of his bones being consumed. Those who were near him kept their distance. (v. 11). There have been commentaries that somehow David got some venereal disease from one of his many wives or concubines that would cause these effects. These passages would indicate that the time frame was probably late in his life as well; at that time he had someone wait on him to stay physically warm (see 1 Kings 1:1-12). We are also reminded of the sufferings of Job in the majority of the book as well; and how this would cause his "friends" to theorize the cause of his calamaties; not realizing that Satan was behind it as well as the Lord testing his faithfulness.

There are Messianic prophecies here such as in verse 5 (which as the trivia passage indicates is seen in the passage on Stephen in Acts as well).

Verse 19 and 20 show the benefits of those who FEAR Him in terms of promises of protection (again either THROUGH trials or from them). Verse 23 shows the general future in eternity as it stands for the righteous in contrast with the wicked. These themes not only repeat themselves in alternative verses in many Psalms but througout the O.T. and even the New Testament in many places. One good example is in John 3:16; we compare that to those who do NOT believe in verses 17 to 18 and their resulting fate. Perhaps this will teach us to not only test ourselves to see if we are in the faith; but to be careful judging others when looking at outward appearances. Today; sadly some would look at Phillipians 2:27 and Epaphroditus and think that he wasn't being "blessed" due to his health issues. There are those today who may have done things such as tattoos to themselves at an earlier time (or are detransitioning) that nonetheless are true believers now. There may be scars from earlier sins as well; but God can use anyone who has submitted to Him if truly Born Again).


S Spencer.'s Psalms Chapter 31 comment on 4/16/2022, 12:03pm...

Thanks Richard may the lord bless you in all you do.


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