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Wendell Briggs's Exodus Chapter 4 comment on 7/14/2021, 5:01pm...

Explain verse 25 & 26 why Moses's wife circumcision was done & why thrown at his feet?


Chris's Exodus Chapter 4 comment on 2/12/2021, 4:56am...

A few weeks ago I had shared my understanding of this Scripture (Exodus 4:24) to someone else, so I replicate that answer to you:

"Yes, this is a difficult verse to place, given the context of the other verses around it. It is understood that God is now dealing with Moses on another issue. The first matter was about Moses giving excuses as to why he could not approach Pharaoh & speak God's Word to him. Moses eventually agreed to do it, given that Aaron would be his mouthpiece.

Then in verse 24, we find that God had some reason for taking Moses' life. It wasn't about the former matter but about Moses' neglect in circumcising his son. It may be because of his marriage to the Midianitish woman, Zipporah, & some issue of circumcision had come up that caused him to overlook or refuse to do this act. There could have been other (negative) dealings by God on this family as well, which then compelled Zipporah to take matter into her own hands (so to speak) & do the circumcising herself. Whatever it was, God seemed appeased by Zipporah's actions, that which Moses had failed to perform."


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