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Chris's Genesis Chapter 24 comment on 1/16/2023, 9:15pm...

Hi James. Not sure how common this practice was but certainly here in Genesis 24:2 (with Abraham & his chief servant Eliezer) and Genesis 47:29 (with Jacob & one of his sons, Joseph) we see it occurring.

It is generally understood that this expression of 'placing one's hand under the thigh' is an euphemism that required the subordinate (in these instances, a servant & a son), to place their hand near the procreative organ of the one initiating an oath. Therefore, this was no ordinary promise to do something, but signified making an unbroken pledge of obedience, come what may. With Eliezer, he had to find a spouse for Isaac, but if she or her family refused to release her, then the servant would be freed from his oath. And with Joseph, he was placed under oath not to bury his father Jacob (Israel) in Egypt but in Canaan.

Though we might find that such an act of placing ones hand under the thigh amusing or uncalled for, it signified to both the one requiring the oath & the one making the oath, before God, that what was promised will not be reneged on.


James's Genesis Chapter 24 comment on 1/16/2023, 7:40pm...

What is the reason Abraham ask his servant to put his hand under is thigh.


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