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Krystal-Marie Nymann's Psalms Chapter 46 comment about verse 4 on 11/15/2020, 4:52am...

Thank you so much for these wonderful comments and yes fear can literally destroy all of those things. And it has destroyed many areas of my life. But God shall use all of the bad and turn it for the goodness of his will to be made manifest in our lives. God is such an overcomer he is such a victor and a winner. That means that negative voices in the mind though it sounds like the internal voice in your mind what the reality is that it is not at all that voice. Your voice that speaks negatively to you in your mind is not your voice! It is the demonic! They are deaf dumb blind and mute, however, your earthen vessel the body is carrying the demonic if we allow it in. As if you resist the devil he will flee from you and you can still do that. Yet when you now can separate yourself which is a spirit of power love and of sound mind made in the image and in the likeness of God and you begin to see the truth made manifest within your existence that your spirit is just as powerful as the God who created the universe because it is him. He did breath life into us and when he did that he gave our lifeless physical body the ability to make the heart beat, the blood flow through the veins, the brain to think the eyes to see the ears to hear the vocals to create sound. His spirit is what I AM. It is what YOU ARE all of us are the "I AM THAT I AM" that the God of the bible is. that is really profound and yet it is simple to grasp because God is so good


Pat Tozi's Psalms Chapter 46 comment about verse 4 on 11/14/2020, 3:26pm...

This crowded world is not what it seems. In these days the world is spending so fast l lose track what day it has become.

People around with sickness and problems surround me. I help all l can. Overwhelmed l go alone and ask God for help. I walk with Him to keep me going. Mankind no. Too much Me. Myself. I.

Where is God's Love toward others. It comes from the heart. Where is the Light of the Heavens. It Shines with compassion, not self. I block the evilness out. So alone l stand walking in the Strength of my Heavenly God.

Was it so long ago l had a after death. I know the Love of Jesus and His Father. Praise God Always!!!


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