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GiGi's Hebrews Chapter 4 comment on 11/01/2022, 2:43pm...

Yes, Kwasi,

We can make every effort to keep focused on Jesus, who brings us to the Father and sends to us the Holy Spirit to live in us, whereby we have the amazingly wonderful favor to have the wholeness of God dwell in us. If we have the Spirit in us, we have the Father and Jesus in us. If we are justified by Jesus, we stand justified before the Father and the Spirit, If we are accepted by the Father, we are accepted by Jesus and the Holy Spirit. All of this is through Jesus, who, by His amazingly sufficient sacrifice, death, and resurrection, has become the perfect High Priest and Mediator before God for us who believe. Our God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit made the perfect way for us to no longer be condemned for our sins, but to instead, have eternal life in and with Jesus and the Father and the Holy Spirit! We are so blessed! Hallelujah to God, the Magestic Glory, Sovereign of all that is.


Kwasi Osman's Hebrews Chapter 4 comment on 11/01/2022, 12:53pm...


looking to Jesus the founder and perfecter of our faith,who for the joy that was set before him endured the Cross, despising the shame, and is seated at the right hand of the throne of God


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