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Betty's Hebrews Chapter 4 comment on 8/31/2020, 4:15pm...

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Bendito Palavra's Hebrews Chapter 4 comment on 8/21/2020, 3:55pm...

Numbers chapter 13 and 14 contains the historical account of the exodus generation refusing to believe God. Only two of the twelve men that scouted the land had confidence in God's promise. The other ten influenced the people who then refused to enter in and take their inheritance.

Psalm 95, which is the origin of the middle phrase in Hebrews 4:3, expresses the LORD's judgment of their unbelief.

As for us, we are reminded in this passage that we enter into Jesus Christ by believing the gospel (Matthew 11:28-30). We rest in his finished work on the cross, his resurrection and ever living intercession with our Father in Heaven (Romans 8:34; Hebrews 7:25).

The final phrase of verse 3 is preparing us to learn what follows regarding the difference of rest in Jesus Christ versus the seventh day when God rested from all his works (Genesis 2).


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