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Dgjot's Ezekiel Chapter 13 comment on 2/08/2023, 7:06am...

Thank You Chris.

Long ago I read a book called The Road Less Traveled. I remember nothing about that book except one sentence:

"People want their grief acknowledged and their feelings validated".

When someone's grief is acknowledged and their feelings are validated they can have some peace, so thank you.


Chris's Ezekiel Chapter 13 comment on 2/08/2023, 12:52am...

Hi Dgjot. I understand what you're saying & agree with it. I try not to dwell too much on the failure of our governmental systems - I weary myself unnecessarily by doing so. We live in a fallen world; not only as sin has gripped each person, condemning to hell, but sin's manifestations are so diverse & know no boundaries. You gave examples of the worst of offenders against innocent people - how are these different from justices who mete out flimsy sentences, or even murderers who get released from prison, only to commit another heinous crime. I ask, 'is there any difference between these criminals: the one committing the crime & the other careless about properly dealing with it?' Will not the same LORD judge each one according to their wicked deeds? I know you are overcome by this issue, as I remember you writing on this before, & really, there's not much one can do except to leave it all in His Hands, to the One Who will judge righteously - none shall escape & none will have any excuse before Him.

In the meanwhile, mental, emotional & physical suffering will continue as man exercises his sinful urges on others - where possible victims must be helped, loved & restored; I think the LORD would expect this of us. All other things beyond our control or influence, the LORD will take care of in his time.


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