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Ann's Ezekiel Chapter 13 comment on 8/14/2020, 11:26am...

Ezk.chp.13::::n others such books in theBible are written By Inspired men , women Of God.

We can learn so much if we would read the words for ourselves n stop listening n reading into so many false doctrines n

Propheciesthat is not from Gods mouth......If God said it's itsthe Bible Truth.

We cannot question Gods Word, but if we pray and seek His Face n ask Him God to reveal these things which are puzzling to Us n if it is His will He, God will reveal them to Us sometimes itsnot the way you would like but He always have a Ready listening Ear."Is there AnyThing Too Hard For The LORD says He"n He meant Every Word.

We don't have to agree with Or believe every word we hear Test The Spirits Bessin


Brian yurkovich's Ezekiel Chapter 13 comment about verse 20 on 7/04/2020, 12:05pm...

The pillows are from the hive of locust in the pit. They want too transform us from angels to men to locust.


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