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S Spencer's 1 Timothy Chapter 5 comment about verse 25 on 2/13/2021, 11:25pm...

Hi Terry, I believe it's the influence of the flesh a substance can have on you is the the issue. Even some music can get you out of the spirit .


Chris's 1 Timothy Chapter 5 comment about verse 25 on 2/13/2021, 10:49pm...

Page 2.

As you will note, that these portions show what the Christian's attitude should be concerning the things we allow into our body or mind. We have many Scriptures about that which affects the spirit, but here it's the body. The apostles write, that though there may not be a specific command to abstain or avoid some things, we have to ask "Is it the right thing to do before God & man; will I be gripped by its power; will the thing defile me, God's Temple, where the Holy Spirit resides; will I still have full control of my mind & not let the substance control me?"

Your grandson is old enough to understand & relate to these questions I'm sure. There are many fine believers who can take a drink & still control their intake & behaviour of mind & body, but that shouldn't give us licence to imbibe freely, knowing that our downfall is ever lurking. We shouldn't see that a "deacon having a little wine" as carte blanche for all. We are all individually responsible for actions of our body, mind & spirit before God with Whom we have to do.

May God give you Terry, the wisdom & grace as you share with your grandson & the necessary spiritual fortitude to resist any such temptation that might be to his hurt. Keep tabs on his life & his friendships - it will be your part in watching over his soul.


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