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Revelation Chapter 11


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S Spencer.'s Revelation Chapter 11 comment on 5/29/2022, 6:31pm...

Amen free

god bless you


Free's Revelation Chapter 11 comment on 5/29/2022, 12:03am...

Dear "Larry.B", there is a bitterness in your words. Are you bitter? You know about Romans 2 And how we Gentiles have been grafted into the original tree? Romans 11:13-24 If you do not do so then give yourself some advice. In Jesus Name we throw bitterness into the deepest abyss, where it can never come back from!

We also ask for wisdom and understanding over Your word Lord! You who are the salvation of all, we set our hope in You Lord, Amen.

ps. Remember u are not alone on the planet and web.


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