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Richard H Priday's Revelation Chapter 11 comment on 8/30/2022, 7:13pm...

Revelation 11: Concluding thoughts

Thus; Armageddon and the judgment of the nations where fires burn from one end of the earth to the other along with carcasses (Jer. 25:33); Zeph. 3:8-10 are inevitable. Christ will come and destroy in one fell swoop those attacking Him in Armageddon; and cast the Antichrist and False Prophet into hell; and Satan will go into the pit for 1000 years.

We need; therefore in order to be part of the harvest warning people of the wrath to come; because the night comes when no man can work. (John 9:4). This is probably with a double meaning; the time when Christ was first taken away after the crucifixion until His Resurrection; and perhaps later in 70 AD for a time but of course the last part of the Tribulation comes into mind as well. There will be no possibility of repentance after the mark is taken.


Richard H Priday's Revelation Chapter 11 comment on 8/30/2022, 7:05pm...

Revelation 11 overview

When we search out verse 2 of this chapter; we see how the Gentiles are "trampling" the area outside the court. This will most likely be the league of the immediately surrounding nations (Jordan; Palesitinians; Lebanon; Egypt etal) that are claiming territory at least in half of Jerusalem and much of Israel but basically not settling in any organized manner. No doubt much chaos and violence will be occuring; starting as early as the 2nd seal and continuing to this point. In any event; there is basically a space for the 2 Witnesses (and any others; I suppose that are taking refuge there but no one is indicated). They are able to operate with impuninty; it seems until they are killed by the Beast ascending from the pit (the last chapter indicating that is the 2nd "woe".)

After the world celebrates their death; it is said that they all give one another gifts. (v. 10). I have heard it been said that would only be possible with online purchases in that short amount of time worldwide; not to mention the worldwide cable TV networks no doubt focused on these things. The last mention of any fear of God is when they are resurrected (v. 13). This will probably wake some up; but not all so that they realize shortly that it is really Antichrist rising to power and subsequently they obey God's plan to evacuate to the wilderness around Petra.

The "third woe" isn't really defined; nor is the seventh trumpet. It stands as a declaration of what is coming to pass which means wrath is no longer restrained; and there is the inevitable path to judgment for those taking the mark of the Beast; and consolidation of nations to Armageddon; after a series of events where nations gather beforehand. THis would be the "rumors to the north and east" (Daniel 11:44). The timing of the Ezekiel 38 war Russia and northern and confederate nations is a bit vague; but the East (China) will all come toward Armageddon as the Antichrist brigs in the western countries.


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