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Bob Hilt's Galatians Chapter 3 comment about verse 28 on 6/08/2020, 10:45am...

Edward, the Jewish encyclopedia confirms much of which you write about those claiming to be the Khazar Jews of eastern Europe and their language is Yiddish, which is not Hebrew. Yiddish just looks like Hebrew, but it has nothing to do with Biblical Hebrew. Look into kabbalah to see what many of them really believe in the synagogues. Kabbalah look it up.

Jews who follow the Bible are not treated well in the state that claims to be Israel. Zionism is a political movement, not a religious one. I consider Bible believing Jews as lost sheep being mistreated by the zionists.

Josephus, a Jewish historian, claims King Herod was an Edomite who married into the Hittite line of the Canaanites.

The Talmud came from Babylon and could be considered part of the mystery babylon religion. The Vatican is another part of the Babylon system my opinion.

Look up kabbalah. The Chabad Lubavitch group has some interesting info on the subject.

You might never look at things the same.


Edward's Galatians Chapter 3 comment about verse 28 on 6/07/2020, 11:54pm...

Hello to all my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus.

I would like to call upon someone here whose knowledge of God's word exceeds my own which admittedly at the present should not be difficult to find lol.

I have been having a discussion with a fellow Christian about Israel, Zionism and such. I have read that the people who are currently identified as Jews are in reality not the Jews of the bible and not related to the Israelites of the bible. I have read that these Ashkenazi Jews or the majority of them are imposters. It is my understanding that these "Jews" are not true Semites and are in fact the direct descendants of the people who inhabited a region close to Russia near the Caucus Mountains in what is now called the Ukrain. These people worshipped pagan gods and practiced dark/black magic, human/child sacrifice, blood rituals etc. They were forced to adopt Judaism by Russia and throughout the years have maintained the facade of being "Jews" when in fact they are Babylonian Talmudists practicing what is in essence luciferianism. The Talmud has no history of being a part of the spiritual life of biblical Jews/Israelites as the Torah is. Basically the people who are referred to a Jews today are in fact the direct descendants of Edomite Caananites who worshipped false gods such as Moloch and Baal. This in a nutshell is the foundation of what we know today as Zionism and it's philosophical adherents/acolytes who we call Zionists.

My question is if there is a scriptural basis and or foundation for what I stated above. Please keep in mind that I am somewhat new to all of this so it is not my intention to cause controversy or to offend anyone. All I seek are honest answers. Thank you all in advance. God bless.


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