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Leviticus Chapter 13


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GiGi's Leviticus Chapter 13 comment on 11/24/2022, 9:32pm...

Leviticus 13 continueda the discomfort of skin diseases.

God thought that quarantining sick people was a wise practice. We should be thoughtful of others when we are sick and stay home so we do not infect others. Even though we may be robust and not suffer too much from a certain infection, others we may come in contact with may be immune compromised, or weak, or vulnerable in other ways and will not fair well with the same infection. It is about loving our neighbors and looking out for the interests of others. We should care about avoiding causing others to become ill.

Instead of going to priests, we go to doctors. We should not resist doing so. And we should be willing submit to following the reasonable orders given to us by our doctors. But in the area of sin, we have pastors and elders or a mature trustworthy friend/mentor to go to for spiritual guidance and support at times. But mostly, we bring everything to Jesus, our cure for sin.


GiGi's Leviticus Chapter 13 comment on 11/24/2022, 9:23pm...

Leviticus Chapter 13

This chapter details the procedure for the Israelites when there is some kind of break of or boil in the skin. Generally, skin disease was considered as "leprosy" although "boil" and "scale" are mentioned. So, I think that God was addressing all kinds of skin diseases. The people were to be scrupulous about observing the condition of their skin. And when something was not right they were to go to the priest to get a determination of whether the skin problem made them unclean or not. If unclean, a 7 days of seclusion from the community was mandatory and then their condition was to be rechecked every 7 days until the priest determined them to be clean once again.

We, too, should be scrupulous about self-examination before the Lord, asking Him, as David did, to search us and tell us if their is any sinful way in us. We agree with God's determination and confess our transgressions to Him, knowing He will forgive us and cleanse us of our sin. If He points out a sin in us, we should quarantine ourselves away from it, especially if it is some sort of habit. Setting goals of going "X' number of hours or days without committing this sin may be helpful perhaps and then do a recheck. Making small incremental goals when overcoming sin encourages us to stick to our guns for a short term and in doing so, we then know we can go another "X" number of hours or days. With the Holy Spirit's help we can end such habits. But we do need to commit to refusing the temptations that will come hard and heavy when we determine to be done with such a habit.

I can see how this law laid out in Chapter 13 can lead to abuse from the priests. They may be angry with someone and so determine that this person is "unclean" though clean. The opportunity for manipulation looms large in the power and responsibility given the priests.

But this set of instructions concerning skin diseases is for the health of the community.



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