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Jesse's Leviticus Chapter 13 comment on 5/05/2021, 1:17pm...


I don't believe there's a biblical answer to that. I actually had the same thing going on with me recently for over a week where I would wake up at 3:30 am almost every morning. It seemed odd that it would be the same time, give or take a few minutes every night. I am normally a good sleeper and can sleep through the night. What it was for me is that I was stressed out over a few things which I believe were interfering with my sleep.

If you know of anything that you are having stress about, that might be the issue. If it continues, I would maybe consider seeing a doctor. And also, as S Spencer has said, prayer is always a good thing!


S Spencer's Leviticus Chapter 13 comment on 5/05/2021, 7:42am...

Hi Sharon,

Not sure if anyone can answer that with certainty,

Have you asked the Lord in prayer?


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