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T Levis's Genesis Chapter 17 comment on 1/25/2023, 5:19pm...

Genesis 11:10-32, Genesis 11:26, Genesis 12, Hebrews 11:8,

Nehemiah 9:7, Acts 7:2,

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GiGi's Genesis Chapter 17 comment on 1/25/2023, 5:16pm...

Abraham was called by God to move from "Chaldea" from a city called Ur in southern Mesopotamia. Abraham and Sarah were kinsmen, related through their father but different mothers. They both lived in Ur and then followed God's lead up the Euphrates valley to Haran, (in modern Iraq/Syria).Their relatives lived in Haran. From Haran, they traveled westward along the road that connected Haran with Damascus and then south into Canaan modern Israel.


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