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David's Jeremiah Chapter 14 comment about verse 14 on 2/22/2022, 11:40pm...

The Lord God is righteous and holy in everything He does. As we chose to learn more about Him, we find that God is consistent in His dealings with us.

We fall out of the favor of God because of our sinful actions. God does not leave or forsake us. His promises are sure and faithful.

We need to learn His Word, trust in His word, and walk in His word to be prosperous, blessed, and a blessing. The Lord bless and keep everyone on this forum. February 23, 2022


Tom's Jeremiah Chapter 14 comment about verse 14 on 5/08/2020, 9:11am...

Muhammad is in the Bible! This verse is talking about him, along with many, many, many other false prophets!


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