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Srburwell1's Psalms Chapter 136 comment on 8/15/2022, 5:32am...

Psalms 136: God's mercy is truly why we are all saved. What I do see in this Psalm is a back and forth between the speaker and the congregation. The speaker gives the statement, the congregation gives back "His mercy endureth forever". Beautiful and pleasant, a reminder of what Israel has gone through.


GiGi's Psalms Chapter 136 comment on 7/17/2022, 4:21pm...

Hello Bob,

The time frame for the Book of Acts is from the time of Jesus' Resurrection (30 or 33A.D.) to the time of the end of Paul's missionary journeys. it is said to have been written in about 60 A.D. Paul's death was about 67 A. D. I believe. So the end of Acts was probably no earlier than 60 A.D. and no later than 67 A.D. depending on when Luke finally parted with Paul before Paul was imprisoned or martyred and when Luke wrote it.

I have often wished we had more of an account of the acts of all the other Apostles, since Acts is mainly about Paul, since Luke was Paul's traveling companion on missions and with the work in the churches founded from Paul's work.


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