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Scripture Past Speaks to us Converts in the NOW's 1 Thessalonians Chapter 3 comment on 11/30/2020, 6:45am...

He was speaking to Timothy then. Also the verse speaks to us now, in later history. We are the young converts.

In Chapter 3 of 1 Thessalonians, Paul showed his concern for the well-being of the young converts to Jesus Christ. This was his main purpose for sending Timothy and Silas back to them while he remained in Athens.

The presence of Timothy was meant to strengthen the church in their faith as well as encourage the people to keep from being unsettled in times of trials. Paul also sent Timothy to find out if he had labored in vain.

Next, Paul told of Timothy's report after he returned from Thessalonica. He said the report was very encouraging and he was very thankful for that. This news comforted Paul in his affliction and he said he was excited to see them in the near future.

Paul concluded 1 Thessalonians Chapter 3 by saying that he prayed for God to open doors that would allow him to visit them again. He also prayed for the people, saying that he hoped their love for each other would grow in much the same way that his love for them had grown. He prayed that the Lord would establish their hearts in holiness for when the Lord Jesus Christ returned.

You can google your scripture and type the word, history, after it and you can read the historic details of an event.



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everyone that reads it


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