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David's Mark Chapter 12 comment on 6/17/2021, 8:22am...

AJAX on Mark 12:29 You are correct.

The term Trinity isn't in the Bible. Neither is the word Bible in the Bible. The word rapture isn't in the Bible, and neither is the word Saturday in the Bible.

Never-the-less, the teachings of the doctrine of the Trinity do exist in the Bible. I challenge you to do your own study. Then you can explain how the Holy Spirit lives in a born again believer, the Lord Jesus stands at the right hand of the throne of God, and God the Father sits on the throne; all at the same time.

And is still be considered as One Triune God according to Scripture. God bless you and us all as we learn more of our God, King, and soon coming Lord Jesus Christ.


David's Mark Chapter 12 comment on 6/17/2021, 8:16am...

Hi Rodney;

God bless all the discussion and questions on this forum. Much has been said regarding the Sabbath day and its significance in our lives as children of God. However it wasn't until Moses received the 10 commandments was the law given regarding the Sabbath.

In all of the Book of Genesis, there is no mention of the word Sabbath. My question is "What day did Adam and Eve worship on?" Did God only come into the garden on the Sabbath to walk and talk with Adam? If Adam and Eve were created on the 6th day, is it their 7th day or God's seventh day. And what would Adam and Eve be resting from?

Remember God rested on the seventh day because He completed all of "creation." The word rested means He stopped creating. Did the Lord God do more creating on the eight day to day 13? Did He rest again on the 14th day? In Genesis 26:5 Abraham kept God's requirements, commands, decrees and laws. The verse tells us that Abraham was obedient, but it simply doesn't tell us which statutes and decrees were in effect in his day.

The Sabbath is a reunion between Israel and God as it is said,"It is a sign between Me and the children of Israel for ever" Exodus 31:16, 17

No where does the Bible indicate that the Sabbath was given to anyone except the Jews. Exodus 16:28, 29

The choice is still your own. Praying that this helps us all as we await the return of the Lord in His glory.


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