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Chris's Mark Chapter 12 comment on 4/23/2021, 4:21am...

Just to clarify: Jesus was quoting Moses' words in Deuteronomy 6:4, when Moses continued to utter the commandments & instructions to Israel that he received directly from God.


Adam's Mark Chapter 12 comment on 4/22/2021, 7:13pm...

Hello, what is your motive for posting that God is one God? Christians have known this all along, because the Bible has always said that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are one, not two, not three, but one. Just like the pulp, skin, seeds of an orange is one orange, not three oranges. Some people have a hard time comprehending, so they make up stuff and try to discredit and slander Jesus, for example, which is unthinkable, but that of course it's based on a clever lie from satan.

Who is most likely to trick everyone into assuming Jesus isn't who people say He is: God, or satan? The father of lies is behind so much of the new age and regressive movements we see today trying to manipulate and deceive people into believing falsehoods. I hope you're not part of this group, but I mention it so everyone is on guard for the false prophets who sometimes even post on this website. People should really pray hard and do deep soul searching before trying to slander God in Bible website. The day of judgment is coming. Even those who believe they're saved regardless of their actions will still face judgment before going anywhere. Some will cry out Lord, Lord. Fight the good fight, run the race well to the end. God bless.



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