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Richard H Priday's 1 Peter Chapter 1 comment on 12/31/2022, 10:44am...

That is a very interesting question; and I would have to agree with you.

The first issue here you brought up as to the role the Spirit is playing. It is part of the Godhead; Jesus said will He not give you more of the Spirit if you ask Him (Luke 11:13) referring to asking the FATHER for the "good gifts". We can certainly praise God or Jesus for what comes from Him; thus involving through worship; singing and or prayer.

Another problem is whether the spirit being invoked is the Holy Spirit or some other thing that appeals to the flesh. If the Spirit is working then of course it reminds us of "sin; righteousness and judgment to come" (John 16:8-11). We are thus to be humbled; and through that "sacrifice of praise" (Heb. 13:15-16) then He is truly exalted.

This is tricky as the Holy Spirit is to be exalted and revered as part of the Godhead. As you pointed out though in Christ's life and scriptures this sort of activity (praying TO the Spirit or any other form of worship) didn't occur. The Spirit was His helper and is said to be ours. The SOURCE is always from heavenly places and proceeds from the Father. This is also the case with Christ who is to be worshipped Himself but also in the Godhead He did nothing of His own but did the "works of the Father"; John 5:19 actually makes it clear that He can do NOTHING of His own. Nonetheless God has raised Him up giving Him all authority (which He already had but it was made official). (Matt. 28:18-20).

I will have to give this question further consideration; and may have further thoughts later on. I have a feeling there are some other pertinent points that need to be made and this could be a real discussion starter.

Agape; RIch P


Alex1939's 1 Peter Chapter 1 comment on 12/31/2022, 9:17am...

Alex1939...Greg leme just add this...Jesus said outta of the mouths of Babes and sucklings thou has Perfected Praise and thats y we must be bornagain....Humanity needs to birth a baby Christ a babe and suckling which is Spirit the H.G. that Child of Promise.

Our praise is too tainted with our carnal minds that goes a whoring after all kinds of materistic things and money...God is spirit and them that worship him must worship him in in spirit and truth...The Father seeketh such to worship him..Which is the H.G our new hearts and new spirits from the seed of the sower...That New Covenant in his blood...

Jesus will not sire flesh and blood children...As his seed is the living word the very seed of God...Thats y he is saying to whom the word came His seed ( the living word ) it made them Gods...God wants Perfect PRAISE which can only come via his incorruptible seed planted in our hearts and minds...Making us a new creature that will still the avenger the devil in us...The tares and thorns that are in a warfare with satan...Our old...Psalms 8:2 Outta of the mouths of babes and sucklings thou has perfected Praise that he might still the avenger the devil the Tares that satan has put in our hearts to destroy the babe and suckling the H.G. THE WHEAT...This war rages with in us....

As Jesus said there is gona be war in heaven...And the Kingdom of God suffers violence....Thats y we must endure till the end till the tares are gathered up and burned but the wheat to his barn his kingdom...K Gbu


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