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Wes aka Yosef's 1 Peter Chapter 1 comment on 5/01/2021, 12:52pm...

In view of the words of the Psalmist under the influence of God's Holy Spirit, why do Gentiles dare attempt to interpret Scripture and set up seminary schools? Is it not clear they are not qualified to do this work? This work belongs to Israel.

The next question we are faced with is: "Who is the true Jew?" Why?

Because Christ told us there are imposters posing as Jews. (Rev 2:9 & 3:9) This truth imposes upon us the task of identifying the true Jew. Here is a clue for the searchers of truth: Read Deuteronomy 28:15-68 and ask yourself: Who do I know that has gone experienced these 'curses'?

Yes, the truth is often stranger than fiction...Shalom.


Laura Meyer's 1 Peter Chapter 1 comment on 3/24/2021, 1:53am...

This epistle of Peter is full of encouragement and hope for us, reminding us how others in old times looked into these things based on the information they received from the Spirit, yet could not completely comprehend. They prophecied about Jesus and his coming to earth, but they didnt know Him. They prophesied about the later church thousands of years ago, not knowing what they were really talking about. Things which they desired to understand. Peter talks about prophets who were obedient to the revelation of the Holy Spirit, not knowing they were talking to us, who are people born thousand of years later. This epistle is precious, as Peter tells us to think about these things, knowing how priviledged we are and humbly thanking God for revealing these things to us, encouraging us to continue in the trial of our faith and above all, keep that faith until the very end, for the arrival of Jesus.


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