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Death will come to everyone CHOOSE the LIFE of Jesus NOW's 1 Peter Chapter 1 comment on 6/23/2021, 4:41pm...

When Jesus returns, all believers in caskets will come open, meet Jesus in the clouds and receive their glorified bodies.

Christians deceased some other way; Jesus will still receive the ashes or bones and they will receive their glorified bodies.

The still Living Christians will then be caught up to the clouds to be with the entire group. Instantly changed to their glorified bodies.

Those who did not receive Jesus as Lord, before death, will stay in the grave. Their souls will be held somewhere until the Great White Throne Judgment by God. A 1000 year wait.

There will be a group of living people that manage to survive the Tribulation without being killed by Antichrist; WHO PRAYED to be saved (born again), who will not receive glorified bodies, but Jesus will take them to heaven to wait 1000 years for when Satan will be released a short period to be tempt just that group of people and their offspring.

Please tell me why you are willing to throw the dice with your eternal soul?

I realize there are not many ministry programs on antenna or cable, but there's enough to hear the gospel and pray the prayer of faith.

Some of the good benefits of Salvation is that we have favor to ask God to Deliver Us From Evil...addictions, alcohol, sinful sexual lifestyles and more.

There's not a lot of time to debate, waffle, and push it to the limit. NOW is the Day of Salvation.

The real bad thing is this:

EVERY TIME you hear or read the Gospel (story of Jesus), YOUR HEART HARDENS. Soon it's solid and you can't hear His Voice Calling to Your Soul. Tugging on your heart strings.

Go find that Link, BECOME A CHRISTIAN. Verify what I said.

Walmart's are everywhere! Most have inexpensive King James Bibles. This website has a King James Bible, and all the Apocrypha Books.

Pray this often: "By the Authority in the name of Jesus; I command that the Spirit of Bondage be broken and cast into dry places in outer darkness! DO NOT RETURN. Hallelujah!


S Spencer's 1 Peter Chapter 1 comment on 6/23/2021, 2:08pm...

Amen Brother Jesse,

James 2:10 Also came to mind.


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