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Frankie's 1 Peter Chapter 1 comment about verse 5 on 9/12/2021, 9:59am...

Those in Abraham's bosom across from hell! Remember Lazarus and the rich man. Our sin was paid for on the cross, it is finished! Those that followed after God didn't know who the messiah was! Remember even the apostles didn't understand why Jesus had to die. He preached to those in Paradise or Abraham's bosom! They were then resurrected following Him to Heaven. Paradise is no longer there. Hell is.


Jesse's 1 Peter Chapter 1 comment on 9/06/2021, 8:13pm...


Thanks for the response. I completely agree with you that Hades is not Hell. I also agree with your description of Hell. I used the word Hades because that's the word the Greek text uses. The word Hell in Luke 16:23 is the word Hades in the Greek text. There is actually only one place in the Bible that is actually Hell and that's the lake of fire in the book of Revelation, the final destination. In fact, Hades will be emptied out into the lake of fire. The word Hades means the place of unseen spirits. No physical body, just spirits.

Prior to the death of Christ on the cross, when a person died they went to a place called Hades. For the ones who will eventually be sent to Hell, they were on one side, and the saints waiting for the Messiah to come for their salvation were on the other. Scripture tells us that there was a great gulf fixed between the two compartments of Hades. No one could ever cross over from one side to the other. Today, there is only one compartment to Hades and it is full of those who are waiting for the final judgment, and they will then be cast into the lake of fire. There is no hope of salvation for them. Those who die rejecting Jesus Christ will no longer have a chance at salvation after death. Ephesians Chapter 4 tells us that when Jesus died that for three days and three nights He was in the heart of the earth. He was down setting the prisoners free. He was down in Hades on the side where the saints were with Abraham.

As a matter of fact, in Matthew Chapter 27 it tells us that when Jesus rose from the dead, many of the Old Testament saints were seen walking through the streets of Jerusalem because He the raised them up. He went down there and preached to them (the OT saints), and told them that their salvation has been purchased for them and they will now be with Him in paradise. These were the saints that were with Abraham.

I'm out of space here. Would you like me to address the second part, along with the verses you sent?


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