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S Spencer's Isaiah Chapter 1 comment on 6/04/2021, 8:02am...

Amen Carleton.


Somehow Iet that get by me.


Carleton's Isaiah Chapter 1 comment on 6/03/2021, 2:14pm...

Hi, I am thinking about this too as of course te thought brought out is not in the Bible, but what remains, God's Word is true. Adam and Eve learned this in their error. Likewise now knowing that God's Word is true, they were promised a future by faith which is hope. The same understanding conveys the sinner to faith and repentance in the promised Messiah, Jesus Christ. Why would Adam and Eve not believe the Promise and live towards it in faith? They surely did and likewise any sinner can know that God's Word is true and be conveyed to Calvary where they can choose to surrender their works to finished work of Jesus Christ which is Hope eternal.


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