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Keith Besch's Isaiah Chapter 1 comment on 3/06/2023, 2:55pm...

Where is the scripture in Isaiah Prophesized since the Jews disobeyed God. And that's where God wanted to go to all of us Gentiles. Thank You, Keith P. Besch


Fredscanlan's Isaiah Chapter 1 comment on 2/09/2023, 3:04am...

Imagine the disciples sitting and listening to Jesus words. Jesus words in the book of John ,Mathew, Mark, Luke, word for word written perfectly according to the Holy Spirit, while John is exiled on an Island, the last only and the closest to Christ. What is amazing, while each book is different, in the end it is the perfect combination needed for what we need for our learning, and yet it allows us the freedom to look into those things that freely belong to us, opening our eyes ever wider unto eternal life!

The words are Christs, they are a well spring unto eternal life!

"Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled!" This is what you seek! His spirit will guide and direct you! Jesus first sermon on the mountain would be a great place to meet Him!

Sanctification comes through faith, Baptism comes through the Holy spirit, the washing of regeneration, a renewal of our body and spirit, the miracle we all wish to see, and will!

Always remembering, it is not us, but what He did on the Cross!

That we might have life and have it more abundantly!

Repent and be Baptized


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