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Wilma's Joel Chapter 2 comment on 7/29/2020, 6:18am...

I personally wear a cross because it reminds me of what he did for me. It's a symbol of his love for us


Mishael's Joel Chapter 2 comment on 7/28/2020, 6:01pm...

People's Bible Notes for Revelation 22:2

Re 22:2 In the midst of its street. In the Revised Version this is attached to Re 22:1. It is the river of life that runs in the street. On each side of the river, watered by it, stands the tree of life . . . yielded her fruit every month. The thought is that it is always fruitful, not limited to certain seasons of fruit bearing. The leaves of the tree [were] for the healing of the nations. We are not to conclude that there were diseases to be healed, but that in the city were the means which banished disease and death. The student cannot fail to trace the correspondence with the home of the sinless race in Eden. There was there "a river that went out of Eden to water the garden" (Ge 2:10). Here there is a river, "clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb" (Re 22:1). There was a tree of life in Paradise. In the New Jerusalem, on either side of the river stands the tree of life bearing twelve manner of fruits, or rather fruit twelve times a year, every month. The river and the tree are symbols of the life bestowed by the grace of God. The river flows from the throne of God and the Lamb; from the fountain whence life and immortality come. The tree yields its fruit at all times, so that the supply never fails. Everything about the tree is healthful. Even the leaves are for the healing of the nations. There is a book, a river and a tree of life. Christ is the life, and all refer in some way to Christ. Trees and rivers presented most attractive features in an oriental city, and are beautiful emblems of the full supplies of life, grace and bliss that shall pervade the heavenly city.

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