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T. Levis's Joel Chapter 2 comment about verse 25 on 9/10/2020, 12:43am...

Just to add

Proverb 31:4-9


Apostle Paul's Joel Chapter 2 comment about verse 25 on 9/07/2020, 10:06am...

Paul was actually born Jewish, and was a Pharisee. He became a Roman citizen later and was involved in persecuting the early Church of Jesus's planting. Before he was confronted by Jesus on the Damascus Road, he ordered Stephen the evangelist, stoned to death.

He had a radical conversion; testimony. He went right into evangelizing. Then he got the call by Jesus to evangelize the new elect of God; the Gentiles. It's in Romans if you want to verify.

The Election will return to the Jews as soon as the Times of the Gentiles are fulfilled. Only God, the Father, knows when that will be.

Presently, the dispersed Jews are returning to their homeland in Israel. More and more, we are going to read on Google (because our national news media avoids Jewish prophesies with a 100 ft stick)... that the nations are linking up to destroy Israel off the face of the map. It makes no sense unless you know Jewish prophesy. :) We know something that the media doesn't. Ha!

They are cloned liars, anyway.

Apostle Paul is a real study in what God can do in a persons life. All we have to do is give Jesus our entire life, and receive His Life into ourselves. No limits.

We don't have lifetimes to get all of our loved ones, born again and baptized with the Holy Spirit. Pray for God to plow up their hearts to receive the seed of Gods Word; his Son, Jesus Christ. The Son of Man.

Rejoice, for these things will happen in our lifetime.



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