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John g mullen's Titus Chapter 2 comment about verse 11 on 7/03/2020, 11:49am...

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Chris's Titus Chapter 2 comment about verse 11 on 7/02/2020, 11:13pm...

Page 2.

Rom 2:14-16 speaks of the Gentiles (i.e. those who did not receive God's Laws) & their accountability before God as a result. Now, in Paul's day, the Gentiles (Romans/Greeks) had no reference to God's Laws as we have today in our Judeo/Christian cultures, but were subject to their own devised laws. Likewise, those more primitive souls who live in the jungles would either have their own laws or instinctively performed the laws written in their consciences. And these laws, says Paul, either accused them or excused them, making them conscious of errors (sins) in their hearts.

So to the Jew who followed the Law to the letter, or to the Gentile trying to obey the laws given (or, not given) to him, or to the tribal convicted in his own heart, all would be accountable to God for their perfect obedience to them. And we know that none are righteous - not even one, none can keep any law perfectly & none can ever claim to have an untarnished conscience. The only solution to man's failure to keep God's Laws & incurring His penalty, was to have faith in His Son's redeeming work at the Cross. Without that type of faith it is impossible to please God & impossible to be saved from His righteous Anger against us. And that is why, Jesus commission in Mt 28:19,20 was to reach out into 'all nations' to teach them this Truth so that they might be saved.

I believe that if there is anyone that should stand in trepidation before God, it should probably be each one of us, who have failed in reaching out to someone with the hope of the Gospel.


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