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Chris's Exodus Chapter 11 comment on 7/30/2021, 11:44pm...

Josiah, the Bible is both an historical book & a spiritual book. It gives us the history of God's creation of the first humans & also His dealing with mankind because of the intrusion of sin in each of our lives (i.e. acts that we do that go against the Will & Holiness of God). No other religion, philosophy, or history book gives us such details with a continuous thread running from beginning to end. Man ultimately must turn to the Bible to learn of his past, present & the future.

So, if the Bible declares some uncomfortable disturbing facts in our minds (as in Exodus chapter 11 & many other Scriptures), we can rest assured that it was given for both an historical purpose & for our learning. From the example you gave, I learn how wicked man can be (as seen in Pharaoh & his henchmen). I also learn of God's Power to overrule the stubbornness of man & bring to nought the high-mindedness of Pharaoh (they were considered as supreme rulers or even gods). And I see the Mercy of God to save His people out of cruel bondage as He promised & that it took the death of all the firstborn in Egypt for the Pharaoh to finally let God's people leave.

Many folk, might only see the needless death of so many children & cattle, & that is tragic indeed. But many had to die, as they do today, because of the hard-heartedness & ineptness of their leaders. Many innocent people & children die because of wars, famines & diseases: & all these come upon us because we are sinners & we have raised our fists against the Almighty One instead of falling prostrate before Him in humbleness & repentance. If the Bible didn't relate the whole Truth of the matter, then we might be deluded to think that all is well with our souls & in the world, when in fact we need to know that there are repercussions for our sins & the wicked acts we do to others. Even as in 2 Peter 3:9 we read that the Lord is "longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance."


Josiah paul gordon's Exodus Chapter 11 comment on 7/30/2021, 6:50pm...

what does the verse exodus 11:1-10 mean why does it belong in the bible is it rely relevantly upon and why is it so violent the whole exodus is very violence does it rely on having a part In the bible.


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