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Richard H Priday's Psalms Chapter 105 comment on 1/08/2022, 5:23pm...

Psalms 105

The concept of the covenant with Abraham in Genesis was to bring his descendants out of Egypt to fulfill God's promises in Genesis 15. Joseph was sold into slavery later on; and after falsely imprisoned; helped to save his own family from a plague and was highly esteemed in the Pharaoh's presence. There would be a future inheritance of the land of Canaan; as was later instructed to Moses as he was guided by God in the 40 years in the desert after God judged the Egyptians as promised after the 400 years had elapsed. This particular Psalm seems to bypass all the stubbornness of the people; particularly with the provision of the quail which God also used to judge many with a plague when the food was still in their mouths for complaining about their situation with manna and wanting to return to Egypt (Numbers 11:31-34). Moses himself failed because of anger in the way he struck the rock as stated in verse 41 and that cost him entry into the Promised land; but again God's provision is the only thing mentioned. In all of this and the failures of many Prophets during this period; not to mention the entire original population except for Caleb and Joshua being wiped out in the desert; his original promises were fulfilled and the descendants finally came into the land of promise.


Jesus is our Lord's Psalms Chapter 105 comment on 8/13/2021, 9:07pm...

One day I was praising God and he showed me a vision. I was flying through the clouds alone. I could hear singing all around me. It was beyond the confines of the word beautiful.

The AIR was like nothing I'd ever inhaled. Clean, energizing. I took in many breaths and I heard:

"The air in heaven is FAITH."

I hope you can breathe this too. We are here now, but some day He is going to bring us to Him.

God is not amazed by our many posts. He wants us to KNOW HIM. Tell what you know. Be the kindness of Christ. Sometimes I read the gospels for any new scrap of revelation of who Jesus is. I trust the Holy Spirit to lead me to that which I seek. To open it. Yes I am on my knees in awe of Jesus and the wonder of what he showed (shows), to us if we Seek Him.

I pray we will all, not be afraid to see what is behind the mirror. 1 Corinthians 13:12


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