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Jesus is our Lord's Psalms Chapter 105 comment on 8/13/2021, 9:07pm...

One day I was praising God and he showed me a vision. I was flying through the clouds alone. I could hear singing all around me. It was beyond the confines of the word beautiful.

The AIR was like nothing I'd ever inhaled. Clean, energizing. I took in many breaths and I heard:

"The air in heaven is FAITH."

I hope you can breathe this too. We are here now, but some day He is going to bring us to Him.

God is not amazed by our many posts. He wants us to KNOW HIM. Tell what you know. Be the kindness of Christ. Sometimes I read the gospels for any new scrap of revelation of who Jesus is. I trust the Holy Spirit to lead me to that which I seek. To open it. Yes I am on my knees in awe of Jesus and the wonder of what he showed (shows), to us if we Seek Him.

I pray we will all, not be afraid to see what is behind the mirror. 1 Corinthians 13:12


S Spencer's Psalms Chapter 105 comment on 8/13/2021, 8:30pm...

What's Important is that we praise God,

Simply "saying" hallelujah doesn't get you no closer to God than a person saying Praise God. God Judges the Heart behind everything we do. I think it's either way.

God bless


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