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Mishael's 2 Samuel Chapter 13 comment on 4/23/2022, 5:23pm...

Which Tamar? There are 2.


When you come into this website you're on the LINK PAGE.

Up at the top is the SEARCH BOX. Links for the entire Bible is below that.

It's a really great SEARCH ENGINE, but just for Bible subject.

You can put the word 'Atonement' in the box and hit the arrow >

The engine will fetch every scripture that contains that word. You can sort the list; and the engine places the list in book order.

Or you can read either Old Testament verses only

Or, New Testament verses only

With DATES OR HISTORY, you'll have to go on Google. Type it in like this:

"Atonement, history".

By using all the search options, you'll learn some really awesome information. If search doesn't fetch anything try wording it differently.

If it fetches 10,000 verses; try wording it another wAy or just look at only OT or NT verses.

Look around on this whole website to see what's in it. If you get lost, just back out and come back in. Curious is good.

The location of the commentary box is below the search box. Touch a scripture and it will highlight Yellow. Scroll down slowly.


Belinda's 2 Samuel Chapter 13 comment on 4/21/2022, 5:10pm...

How would you counsel Tamar, Amnon, Absalom, and David in 2 Samuel 13?


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