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Chris's Genesis Chapter 25 comment on 11/16/2020, 10:51pm...

No Stacey. Esau, as his brother Jacob, were the offspring of Isaac & Rebekah. Satan does not bear physical children - He bears spiritual children, of which we all were once when we obeyed him rather than the living Holy God. When Jesus accused the religious leaders of their wickedness, He said that they were the children of the Devil (John 8:44): not that the Devil was their physical father, but was their spiritual father as he filled them with his words & works of evil.

So Esau was Isaac's son but because of the deception by his brother Jacob & therefore missing out on the blessing from Isaac, Esau left the home, married foreign women, became wealthy & became the father of the Edomites, as also likely, the Kenizzites & Amalekites. Eventually, the brothers did reconcile (Genesis chapter 33), but it remained that Esau's progeny were never included in Jacob's line. Because Esau did what he did, does not give us any warrant to ever think of him as a product of some demonic relationship.


Stacey Haigood's Genesis Chapter 25 comment on 11/16/2020, 8:59am...

Is Esau the son of Satan


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