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Ishmael returned only for the funeral of Abraham's Genesis Chapter 25 comment on 5/24/2022, 2:19pm...

What does Genesis 25:9 mean?

Genesis 23 describes in detail Abraham's acquisition of the cave of Machpelah immediately following the death of Sarah. Now Isaac and Ishmael reunite to bury Abraham's body in that cave alongside Sarah.

Abraham had sent away Ishmael, along with his mother Hagar. Ishmael was 16 or so and Isaac was around two (Genesis 21:8-14). Now the step-brothers would be somewhere around 89 and 75, respectively. Ishmael's presence at Abraham's burial may imply there was some contact between Isaac and his birth family over the years.

Despite this meeting to honor their father, God's prophetic remarks about Ishmael would prove true

(Genesis 16:11-12). Ishmael's descendants would become the Enemies of Israel.

Genesis 25:1-18 adds details before describing the deaths of Abraham and then Ishmael. Abraham has taken another wife, (not Hagar) other than Sarah, and has six sons with her. He gives them gifts but sends them all away to the EAST.

Isaac will be his sole true heir. Still, when Abraham dies and is buried at the age of 175, Ishmael joins Isaac for the funeral. Ishmael's 12 sons are listed, along with a description of the region their tribes settled in. Finally, Ishmael dies, as well, at the age of 137.


Scott's Genesis Chapter 25 comment on 5/24/2022, 6:07am...

I read where Hagar Sara's hand maiden and Ishmael left in chap 25 verse 9 I read where Ishmael helped Isaac bury Abraham. When did he come back?


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