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VALMAR's John Chapter 11 comment on 2/26/2023, 5:09am...

Hello, Eyobed. I saw where you inquired which verse in John 11 is the one disputed over. I believe it could be the shortest verse in scripture or verse 35, "Jesus wept.". There has been some deliberation over time as to why He wept. Hope that answers your question. Have a good day and keep in the Word!


Richard H Priday's John Chapter 11 comment on 8/06/2022, 4:46pm...

John 11 and predestination

This chapter emphasizes more in the area of the sovereignty of God and the course Christ was ordained or predestined to follow on His way to the crucifixion in Jerusalem shortly to come to pass after the event with Lazarus. Therefore, there is the theme here of the final leg of the journey when Christ would finally voluntarily sacrifice His life and how He must be preserved until that hour; as well as the confusion as to the true state of Lazarus and when He would come back to life.

The time of His journey had to at least have two days further after the two where He remained where He was residing; once He finally got to where Lazarus was in verse 17.

The contrast between verses 4 and 11 seem to be an issue; but the issue seems to indicate that the final; permanent death or bodily decay wasn't going to happen yet. There could also be an indication here that only the body; not the soul sleeps in this situation. In any event; after confusion as to the timing of the restoration of Lazarus by Mary and others lack of faith while Christ remained on earth; once the miracle did occur it cemented the final plans to kill Him. Caiaphas made the prophetic statement about one man dying for the people in verse 50; not realizing the application for the Jews AND Gentiles through the death and Resurrection to come.

Jesus knew the exact time when He was to head to Jerusalem to die; as He followed the Father's lead in all things. See John 10:18 about Christ's understanding of His power and control on laying down His life AND raising it up again. When we understand the works He has set forth in Ephesians 2:10 prepared for us we also have God lead us through the Spirit.

We are to be conformed to the image of His Son (Romans 8:29) after a process going from salvation to sanctification to glorification in the next verse (8:30).


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