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Gicheru Geoffrey M's Proverbs Chapter 24 comment about verse 33 on 8/23/2020, 9:58pm...

Proverbs 24:27;says you prepare your field and make it for yourself then afterwards build your house,many people don't do that first they start building their house without proper and sufficient tools;here I mean marriage life in general,before you get into it first of all make your field ready unless it is then bring your wife and later children as much as you can lead properly with enough and adequate food,education,care,health wise and good spiritual upbringing that they will benefit from and help themselves this definitely refers to man as the head of the household;if the man fails here there is trouble because you find that without proper foundations we get poor children spiritually;wisdom wise and education wise;let all strive to make it good for the field before building your house and God Jehovah will help us if ask from Him,we seek from Him and knock the door God is ready to help us out if only we believe in him only without wavering faith He can yes He can,praise the lord Jesus Christ our/my saviour.


Carleton's Proverbs Chapter 24 comment about verse 2 on 7/26/2020, 6:41pm...

Thank you all for kind comments. I hope in Christ that all of our communication together is for edification and hope that is eternal. I will meditate on how to respond to a few questions into tomorrow or perhaps the following day. Meanwhile I look with interest to what others will write. I wish we could sing a song or two on this website.



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