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Richard H Priday's Esther Chapter 2 comment on 4/03/2022, 3:32pm...

Proverbs 14:34 comes to mind in this chapter. Here we see the beginning of a process which God Himself had "set up" to accomplish His purposes. Mordecai supervised Esther; and told her NOT to reveal that she was a Jew. This affiliation with her people was to have enormous implications that can hardly be overstated; and she later had to be prodded to risk her own life and reveal these things once the plot of Haman was concocted and the King's edict rendered.

Titus 2:3-5 also is relevant here; as is 1 Peter 3:6 among other verses which show God's plan for women to be exalted.

The record of Mordecai of the attempted assault of the two chamberlains showed how the Jews were to be commended for helping with the security of the King; and this record would help the "humble to be exalted" as it were at a later date to vindicate Mordecai. (see (Matthew 23:12). This attitude of service was repeated with Daniel in exile in Persia under Nebuchadnezzar; and Joseph in Egypt under the Pharaoh. We see a similar pattern as well with a crisis for the whole Jewish nation when the golden idol was set up; and the three men along with Daniel refused to worship it. Daniel himself ignored an edict about praying toward Jerusalem which put him in the lion's den. To be willing to die rather than serve men; Christ (the 4th man in the fire) was exalted and edicts went out that anyone who did NOT honor the God of Israel was to have their houses made into a "dunghill" (Daniel 3:29). The edict of King Ahasuerus was also a game changer; to bring about God's preservation of His people.


Cindy's Esther Chapter 2 comment on 3/11/2021, 3:38pm...

The story of Cain and Abel is in Genesis 4:1-16


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