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GIGI's Psalms Chapter 27 comment on 3/20/2023, 12:04pm...

Danny, I guess it would depend on what type of conflict is happening. I would start by praying for the situation and the ones in conflict. I would also try to maintain an attitude of compassion and kindness towards all in the family. I would ask the Lord for discernment.

I have a large family that is very divided on some really big issues. Our Mom passed away last May and so we needed to work together to care for her in her last weeks and to settle all of her affairs after her death. It was good that we accomplished much of this without too much drama, but there was drama, most of which that stems from decades long angst that a few persons continue to feed and allow to color their interactions with others. I did my best to work with all of these people the inevitable event of my Mom's passing, but now that she is now gone to be with Jesus, I choose not to interact with the few who have been so antagonistic to me because of my Christian faith and other things that they can't get past (which really have nothing to do with me). If we have whole family gatherings in the future, I will participate, but I will not meet one on one with the one's who have been so divisive in our family. I am 66, and the 4th of ten children. We are all old enough to know what is best to do concerning our relationships.

I do not know what you are facing in your family. But I will pray for peace and resolve for the conflicts in your family.


Danny Scott's Psalms Chapter 27 comment on 3/17/2023, 6:43am...

is there any direction on how to handle conflict within a family


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