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James Anderson's Job Chapter 10 comment on 8/22/2021, 6:48am...

To Beverly Duncan re: Job 10

Suffering today compared to that of Job-I wanted to share my personal dealing with a similar level of suffering by none other than my wife of 59 years and 8 months.

At 38 years of age, she began to have symptoms which stumped the Medical Professionals we counseled with, so a surgical procedure followed which allowed her blood clotting issues to arise to haunt her for the next 40 years.

Shortly before her 43rd birthday, on July 31, she went to sleep with vision in both eyes and awakened the next morning with blindness in one eye, never to be cured on this Earth . Diagnosis: Optic Neuritis, a plague among humanity.

Symptoms continued to arise, seemingly of their own volition until she was 52, a neurologist diagnosed her as having MS. Despite use of the very best medical care along with the empathetic care from outstanding Medical Staffs, the long decline (along with 2 heart attacks, a pulmonary embolism, and a debilitating stroke) led to her 4 sons being at her bedside comforting and consoling her as she left this Mortal Sphere at 77 years and 1 month of age.

Purpose: That God might be Glorified!

Thanks: For this present day Christian Lady's faithful example under much duress!

In Jesus' Name,



S Spencer's Job Chapter 10 comment on 7/24/2021, 11:40am...

Hi Willie.

Perhaps you're right. I believe he was tossing it about in his mind in Ch 10.

Job 10:2. "I will say unto God," Do not condemn me; shew me wherefore thou contendest with me.


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