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Numbers Chapter 31


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T Levis's Numbers Chapter 31 comment on 12/29/2022, 5:26am...

Matthew 25:31-46, Psalms 11:5, Luke 12, Malachi 2:11-17, Malachi 3:5

As you read in Malachi 3:6 GOD is true to his promises, & left a remnant


Charles's Numbers Chapter 31 comment on 12/27/2022, 8:46am...

How were the Israelite soldiers to know which of the enemies' women and female children were virgins or not?

Also, am I to understand that Moses claimed that God told him that the Israelite soldiers could rape Virginia women and little girls as a reward for their victory in war?

Are today's Jewish boys when achieving manhood at age 13, aware of this disturbing history?


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