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Richard H Priday's Psalms Chapter 26 comment on 10/18/2022, 2:30pm...

Psalm 26 is very similar to the previous Psalm 25 as integrity is mentioned (verse 1 and 11); and David not sitting in the "congregation of evil doers." (v. 5). Again as my comments were there this is also as Psalm 25 reflecting the characteristic of Psalm 1.

Verse 10 brings up bribery specifically as a new detail. Also verse 6 reminds us of the ritual hand washing of the Pharisees; which didn't do them too much good to say the least (Matthew 23:27 etc). It has to be accompanied with the proper attitude on the INSIDE (see Psalm 51).

The Psalm ends with David stating that he will bless the Lord "in the congregations." One thought that I have here is that we need to be discerning as to whether the house of God that we fellowship with isn't turning to the world and hence becoming reprobate. Apparently the word "congregation" can be used in a positive or negative light; generally. We need to be cautious not to always go with the majority concensus; when it comes to decisions such as approving or disapproving new leadership or members to the church; decisions on spending money in the church budget that aren't focused first on the Great Commission; entertainment brought in and in general any error coming in (a little leaven ruins the whole loaf) (Gal 5:9).

No further thoughts at present.


Manuel Marques Teixeira's Psalms Chapter 26 comment on 10/27/2021, 3:03am...

It's writen.- GOD can't be tempted by anybody, and doesn't tempt any one

Therefor, the write understanding of the second verse of this 26th. chapter of the book of David's Psalms, can't be otherwhise then, when we face probation and temptation, while keeping God's commandements with all our heart, and practicing that faith, that works through love, then The Spirit of The Lord, can deliver us from evil, and give us an humble heart, to perseveer in th way of The Lord. This is Jesus's example, and like Jacob, we wil see the angels of God, descending and climbing the stairs that reaches Even. We wil be seated on heavenly places in the presence of Jesus, through His Holy Spirit. Amn!


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