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Richard H Priday's Psalms Chapter 15 comment on 10/06/2022, 7:40pm...

We are reminded in this Psalm a type of admonition that those who see God's wrath in the Tribulation and beyond in Isaiah 33:14 where it is said with fear "who can dwell with everlasting burning?" That; no doubt will be the result of viewing what is seen in the end of Isaiah 66; as well as the state of the land which becomes everlasting pitch in Isaiah 34:9. There will also be fire at Armageddon and the world will be aware of Antichrist's and the False Prophet's judgments at the end of the Tribulation. We are reminded that the wicked will not stand at the judgment in Psalm 1:5.

We see many characteristics of the 10 commandments here in these short verses. We see loving our neighbor in verse 3 (and verse 2 surely implies an attitude of loving God in all ways as the first commandment requires). We also see how other things like vows are kept; that would be the meaning here and we must remember at least in N.T. times that we are not to communicate beyond "yea and nay" whenever purely human agreements are made. (Matt. 5:34). Such things between God such as marriage vows; and other promises are to be kept and we can see one painful example in Judges 11:36-39. We also see in verse 4 having the fear of the Lord which of course is the beginning of wisdom and found in numerous scriptures.

Finally; we see a statement on usury (charging interest on loans). This was warned against the Jews doing this to their own people in Leviticus 25:35-38. This of course would put many banks out of business today but of course anything like this makes the poor worse off and the rich gaining more for their own selfish interests. We may not be able to help what banks do but in our own loans we can.


Linda Spence's Psalms Chapter 15 comment on 12/05/2021, 7:39am...

Neither a lender or borrower be


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