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Linda's Mark Chapter 16 comment about verse 15 on 4/21/2022, 2:41am...

Yes! You are Correct.

The 7th Trumpet Will Sound First.

Then The Dead In Christ Shall Rise (Come Out Of) Their Graves.

And They (The Risen Dead) Shall Appear Unto Many Of Us. Matt.27:53

Then: We which Are Alive And Remain (On The Earth):

Shall Be Caught Up (In Excitment) Together With Them In The Clouds.

In The Clouds? Ezek.3816 / Hebrew.12:1 / Isaiah 60:8

Who Are These that Fly As A Cloud To Their Windows?

God Likens People To Clouds.

So: We (Clouds) Shall Be Caught Up (In Excitement) Together With Those

(Clouds) Who Have Risen Out Of Their Graves And Walk Among Us.

And We Will All Meet The Lord In The Air.

In The Air? (In The Air Waves) In Cyber Space.

Back To Isaiah 60:8 Who Are These That Fly As A Cloud To Their Windows?

Their Windows?

Their Computer Screens: Windows 9 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

Who Are They That Fly (Rush / Hurry) To Their Windows?

They Are God's Children Who Are Eagerly Waiting For Their Lord's Return To Earth.

Jesus is Going To Come Back "To" The Earth. He Is "Not Going To Hover" In The Heavens "And Wait" For All Of His Children To Fly Up To Where He Is.

And So (In This Way) Shall We Ever Be With The Lord.

In This Way? (Via Internet) Every Eye Shall See Him.

Re: Rapture? Nothing But Wishful Imaginations.

It Is Written in Hebrews 9:27

It Is Appointed Unto Men (People) Once To Die;

But After This The Judgement.

No-One Can Escape Their God-Given Appointment With Death.

Matt.24:13 / Mark 13:13

Ye Shall Be Hated Of All Men For My Name's Sake:

But He That Shall Endure (Persecution) Unto The End (Unto Death),

The Same Shall Be Saved.

Rev.6:11 White Robes were Given Unto Every One Of Them; And It was Said Unto Them, That They Should Rest Yet For A Little Season,

Until Their Fellowservants Also And Their Brethren, That Should Be Killed As They Were, Should Be Fulfilled.

2 Thess.2:3 Let No Man Deceive you By Any Means:

For That Day Shall Not Come, Except There Be A Falling Away First.


ELB's Mark Chapter 16 comment about verse 15 on 4/20/2022, 11:13am...

Brother Mike W:

The first resurrection occurred at Christ resurrection.

John 11:25 ....I am the resurrection....

Ephesians 1:5 Having predestinated us into the adoption of children by Jesus Christ to himself, ACCORDING TO the good pleasure of HIS WILL.

John 15:16 Ye have not CHOSEN ME, But I have CHOSEN YOU .....

All is the WORK'S OF GOD, man just receives the GIFT.

Philippians 1:29 For unto you it is given, on the behalf of Christ, not ONLY TO BELIEVE on him, but also to suffer for his sake,

1 Corinthians 4:7 For who maketh thee to be different from another? and what hast thou that ye did not receive? now if thou didst receive it, why does thou glory, as if thou received it not?

You begin life with a mind of FLESH, if you have your part in the first resurrection, your mind of FLESH IS BEHEADED, and replaced with the mind of Christ.

All the WORK'S OF GOD.



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