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D W L's Mark Chapter 16 comment about verse 15 on 6/27/2021, 7:13am...

We must be ready when Jesus comes.

I supposed It would be hard to tell some people who are giving their lives today for the Lord Jesus that these things aren't going to happen until after the rapture. Many in other countries are dying for their faith in Jesus.


Rachael's Mark Chapter 16 comment on 6/23/2021, 12:14pm...

this was told to a congregation, god showed me 2 women and say choose. how possible could this be, since our father knows the plans he has for us. he know who he wants for us he know the right mate. i believe the person was talking in the flesh however could you shed light on this since the person saying it is the person god showed to someone as there mate, and the connection is strong. and the person is not of the same race he says, i know we only have one race but that is what was said


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