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Des's 1 Samuel Chapter 18 comment on 3/18/2022, 6:18pm...

Your comment was on point. I was thinking the same but could not put it into words with understanding. I know jealous played a key role but did not want to used that obvious term.

Thanks for Sharing


Jeanie S Laborde's 1 Samuel Chapter 18 comment on 3/17/2022, 9:15pm...

Hi Des!

The reason Saul got mad because in the song the woman said Saul killed THOUSANDS and David killed TENS OF THOUSANDS. She gave David a bigger honor in front of the whole court. This is when Saul started hated David. He also realized God was with them.

Hope this helps. Any more questions on this subject please let me know. Be happy to help.

God bless my friend.


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