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Chris's 1 Samuel Chapter 18 comment about verse 10 on 6/23/2020, 11:18pm...

In this chapter, we see David's beloved friend, Jonathan, & himself communing after David's encounter with Goliath. You remember that David could not use Saul's armour against Goliath, preferring rather his sling shot with which he was very skilled. So when he & Jonathan met up later, Jonathan offered his royal clothing & armoury to David as he was accepted by King Saul to head up the armies of Israel & needed something more warlike looking when appearing before the King.

So, at this time these pieces of armoury were worn by David for decoration & dignity of his position rather than for use in war. So Jonathan gave him his bow (longbow rather than a crossbow, also 2 Sam 1:22) & his girdle. This was a heavy metal plated belt that served two purposes: to hold the scabbard for his sword & sometimes extended lower to cover & protect the pelvic area. Soldiers also wore a breastplate, which was like the material of the belt but used to protect the abdomen.


C's 1 Samuel Chapter 18 comment about verse 10 on 6/23/2020, 1:46pm...

meaning of bow and girdle in v4 of 18 chapter


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