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Streetpreacher's Psalms Chapter 123 comment on 7/01/2022, 3:14am...

Psalm 51 was written by King David after Nathan the prophet confronted him about having Bathsheba's husband put on the front lines in war. He was killed.

David married Bathsheba. Nathan also told him that his and Bathsheba's first born child would die. The baby died. David repented in ashes; got up and washed, ate a meal and comforted Bathsheba. His servants thought that he was terrible: Acting like the whole thing was normal.

David had poured out his heart hoping God would change His mind. ( l am the Lord and I change Not)

David tried. He knew it was his sin, totally.

He had children problems the rest of his life. He died before Solomons reign started. He didn't know his son would have hundreds of wives and concubines. Make treaties with nations God forbid, worship their idols.

Psalm 51 is authentic repentance for sins.


T Levis's Psalms Chapter 123 comment on 7/01/2022, 12:51am...

The site now has an Exhaustive Concordance, along with other translation comparison. Also the 1611 KJV. Several times I've looked at a deeper meaning or clearer understanding & the 1611 KJV was really helpful.

To use the Concordance, you can tap verse. New page opens. Bottom of page the words can be individually researched from the original text used for these translated versions on this site.

Interestingly & worth noting : occasionally I have found the surrounding words sometimes are a better key to my understanding than the single word, that I found perplexing.

Also prayer for wisdom: James 1:5,

Hopefully this is helpful


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