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Chris's Isaiah Chapter 61 comment on 8/18/2022, 11:49pm...

Hello Kiran. Just to briefly address your questions, since I'm unsure what answers you're expecting, I offer the following:

a. Idolatry in the Bible is committed when a person or people group create an idol to become a representative of the True God, and fall down to worship the idol. There is another form of idolatry when a person raises another person to such a high level that he/she becomes all that is time & mind consuming. We might find that not only in religious circles but also in the secular (e.g. pop culture). If Israel as a people or nation is worshipped or is representative of God, then that would be idolatry, but I know not of any instance of that happening. Or, if you're referring to the prominence we might given to Israel as a nation, then that is so because Israel was important to God then, as it is now, & will be in the future. But this is biblical fact not idolatry.

b. When Jesus came to Earth, He came in to usher in the New Covenant of God (that which was ratified through His Sacrifice for the sins of mankind). I don't recall Jesus ever condemning the idolatry performed by those people or nations described in the Old Testament, since Jesus' Coming & Ministry was primarily to the Jewish people. Yet, He did make reference to things that can be idolatrous to them, such as the story of the rich man (Luke 18:18-23), where his wealth was his idol (he put it first before loving & serving God). Or Matthew 6:24, where one cannot serve God & mammon (Gk. mamonas = riches, possessions, property; Jesus is asking, 'Who is your god?' 'Is it the offerings of the world (idolatry), or God Himself?' In Jesus' Day, the Jews didn't keep idols of wood or stone to worship, but idolatry of other things were rampant, just as it is today, where we have found other things to take the place of God to try & satisfy our inner longings & questions. The Romans (rulers at that time) of course, had many gods, including the Caesar whom they deified.


Kiran kumar jujjavarapu's Isaiah Chapter 61 comment on 8/18/2022, 12:10pm...

1. Adoration of Israel in the old testament is Idolatry?

2. Does Jesus really condemned the Idolatry of the Old Testament?


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