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David's Habakkuk Chapter 1 comment on 5/30/2022, 10:39pm...

To John anonymous,

Sorry to hear of your situation regarding the "Havana Syndrome." From what I could find in my research, only those in the diplomatic office and their families were subject to this illness.

I will pray for all involved and quick healing by the Hand of GOD. The LORD promises to avenge, but we must first forgive. May the LORD give you peace and comfort.

GOD to shine HIS face on you and give you peace. The LORD bless you and keep you and your family safe.


John anonymous's Habakkuk Chapter 1 comment on 5/30/2022, 2:22pm...

The USA has a corrupt Government like Jesus declared ancient Israel had. God warned the obedient Israelites to flee into the Mountains to escape the coming destruction. Only the ones who obeyed God's voice lived to tell the tale. I have asked God to avenge me of all Americans who support the corrupt Government in Washington, D.C. who are assaulting me with Havana Syndrome weapons.


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