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Donna Ramirez's Numbers Chapter 15 comment about verse 38 on 9/15/2020, 9:57am...

Do yu have a teaching on the jewish New Year


Robert's Numbers Chapter 15 comment on 5/26/2020, 11:30pm...

If you truly seek the Sabbath, try studying the scriptures. Search Sabbath and read all verses, both alone and in context.

Ask for the instruction and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

When He responds, test his instructions. Not as a scoffed, but as a willing seeker. (Ex: children push the boundaries to learn, grow, and discover).

You claim to honor the Sabbath on Sunday, but the spirit warns you, but it is easier to follow tradition and rationalize, than to take up the cross (another good devotional scripture study).

Test it. Find a Sabbath keeping church and try it out for one month. That warning voice will cease, and your relationship with God will strengthen. Caution: your church, your family, your friends, will be the ones who begin to show there true colors.

Since the beginning (Eden), God has asked us to worship Him His way; we have chosen to worship Him our way.

The scriptures tell us very clearly. Jesus is the only way. Become disciples, don't drink babes milk forever. Grow, learn, test, prove all things, watch, prepare.

2 final devotional study suggestions (false prophets, horns). Seek and the Holy Spirit will teach. Ask, and it will be given. God's ways are not man's ways.

Prayers for you and may God grant you His blessings on your journey!


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