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Sophia's Revelation Chapter 1 comment about verse 14 on 2/24/2021, 6:09pm...

his eyes were like flames of fire to me means God sees all. someone told me He was angry.


Mild Bill's Revelation Chapter 1 comment on 2/13/2021, 5:49am...


"I'm in need of learning to pray better " What is lacking in your prayers? I spoke once with a brother in Christ who said

he didn't know enough of the Bible to pray better. What he meant was, he didn't remember passages verbatim, with book, chapters and verses. As Christ taught us, a prayer is not a repitition of words( Matthew 6:7). Even what the Lord said is disregarded in that some people repeat his words as a prayer itself. Instead Jesus spoke of a manner of prayer, in which he spoke of the matters on his heart. Therein is what God wants to hear from us, the matters on our heart. I hear you saying you do that already, what more would make your prayers better?

Chuck the "dynamite teacher" has been an encouragement to you and we all have someone who has taught us in the things of God. Their words and mannerisms stick with us as a vital part of our learning. It is great to be on the receiving side of people who have dug out the gems in the mine of God's word. As we grow in grace we should be miners ourselves and in our turn pass on gems, you can and will also. Your prayer for God to touch us with his love and grant us comfort and peace is very much appreciated, thank you sister. I will remember you in prayer also as a dear sister in Christ who prays from her heart.


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