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Gerald's Matthew Chapter 22 comment on 11/30/2022, 7:36am...

Sorry to hear of your loss .

But Jesus clearly taught there is no marriage in heaven .

Having said that we will know each other ,for even Peter knew or recognised Moses and Elijah on the mount of transfiguration.

And did not the disciples eventually come to recognise the Lord?

Mary who thought He was the gardener in the garden tomb did not recognise Him for who He was because in her mind she saw Him die and in a manner that so impressed upon her imagination that it blinded her to who He was .It was the word and calling of her name " Mary" that opened her eyes and she recognised Him.

We will not only see and recognise the Lord but all who are His and have gone before us .

That love of God does not fade away but is indeed of such depth hight and breadth we shall live and move and have our being in it . In truth every child of God already knows in part of it .

God heals the broken hearted with that same love and tender care if we let Him .


Judith Cerimele's Matthew Chapter 22 comment on 11/30/2022, 12:56am...

My husband died last year, the question is will we be married when I die, we are soulmates we wanted to be together in eternity? Will my husband or let's just say anyone be met at the gates by their spouse or is this just taught by the church, so you won't be afraid to die. Tell me I read this about 50 times before my husband died, he had questions before he died, I said love is eternal, love never dies, he said he felt this was never discussed in church and that he never heard it in a Sunday sermon I think he wanted to know if we would know each other, or was that a lie? we were taught that you would be with your family when you got to heaven or your spouse. The rules can't stay the same for millions of people are counting on seeing family. When will hearts be together the priest talked about being with your loved ones after death, rules after to change This is a new world now, I want to be with my husband after being 39years.

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